About Maxium

'17 June

Open since 2017, we're a fast growing consultacy with focus on Media, Digital, Design, Branding, Events and Corporate Sales.

We believe in the power of design, the strength of strategy, and the ability of technology to transform businesses and lives.

Like any other company, we started small.

But we had years of individual experiences behind each of us. A company which started with just 2 people, soon began to grow, each of us coming from different backgrounds and thoughs, but soon to be united by a purpose. Of delivering our best!

facing the music for the last 7 years before the inception of Maxium

we believe there is no comfort zone. or comfort zone just means being weak.

It's a nerve wracking jouney which takes a lot of conviction.

We climb mountains everyday and we set the sight for the next higher one. We have come a long way from our start, but we do not sit on our laurels, but set out to conquer more. And the expedition continues.

We work with great design agencies

Future is a sunny road with loads of roadside cafes, beaches with pretty people and evenings filled with music.

our eyes are set firmly on the future, nothing distracting us from the course.

We have set the aim to be one of the topmost agencies in Marketing, Media Realtions, Designing & Branding, Corporate Sales and Events.

We can provide you with further marketing
We love taking risks

Over the years we have taken many risky decisions. While most of them reaped rich dividends, we learnt a helluva lot from those which didn't

We love innovation

The true nature of Maxium is innovation. You climb one moutain to climb a higher one, with better equipment and will.

We love challenges

Challenge us at your own peril. Greater challenges made mankind and we believe in pushing our comfort level constantly.

An all services consultancy dedicated to create and nourish good brands.

Six reasons to work together


Only the reality prevails and sooner you change your reality for better, you find the desired reuslts. We will tell you the truth- Always!


Our mindset is shaped by years of experience in different industries. We bring expertise from different arenas and execute things with finesse.


Friendly approach, open discussions, acceptance of opinions and a general broadminded outlook make us relevant.


All of us are good in what we do respectively and we keep evolving and learning. For us, change is the only constant.

hard Work

Yes, we are a hard working bunch who believe that hard work and faith turn even a small beginning in to a large enterprise.


Humility is the reigning attitude at Maxium. We believe in keeping things simple and ourselves accommodating.

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