A Great Discussion Is The Beginning


Understand what the brand needs, what problem we are looking at the solution for, what the desired result is and how much the budget allocated is. What future goals of expansion are set!

time frame

10 to 30 days

actions set

Set a strategy


Design Principles

Communication Guidelines

Marketing Guidelines

Brand Image

Expenditure, Etc.

Create An Online Presence


Give shape to the ideas online. Create a strong presence online by way of Facebook, Instagram and Google My Business pages and also by way of right tie-ups with Partner Sites. Maintain a unique visual communication with value-added content and reach more people via multi channel promotions. Keep them engaged with authentic and fresh content.

time frame

3 to 4 months

actions set

Create different social media pages

Set visual and written communication

Maintain a posting structure

Facebook and Instagram Boosting

Google Ads

SMS & Email Campaigns

Right offers and deals on partner sites

People Reach More People


Referrals, recommendations and endorsements work 10 times better than brand content. Tie up with the right influencers and bloggers so that the organic reach is bigger and better. Tag, share and highlight user-generated content, engage in contests and giveaways that ensure participation of your audience.

time frame

Periodic and regular

actions set

Blogger Tables

Blogger Tie Ups

Special Showcases

Influencer Tie Ups

Traditional Media


Print still rules people’s perception. Radio still plays a great role in brand reach and growth. Pamphlets, Standees, Gantries, Hoardings and all other traditional coms are still some of the best ways to maintain and nurture brand image.

time frame

As & when needed

actions set

Media Listings

Radio Campaigns

TV Adverts

Hoardings, Gantries....

Pamphlets, Standees Etc...


Paid Articles & Ads on Print Media

Revenue & Expansion


Stagnancy is the worst enemy of a brand and we ensure that your brand is not met with this. Periodic design guideline changes, fresh content and a change in strategy make sure that the appeal is always fresh and evolving. Words like ROI, Net Profit, Expansion, Branching etc. become relevant now.

time frame

As & when needed

Fresh Content

New Design Guidelines


Focus on revenue

Wise spending

Branching out